Divine Wine Extraordinaire: A Place with Great Ambiance and Great Wines for Great Company

A few days ago, I organised a little gathering with friends at the Divine Wine Extraordinaire Bar in Parkview Square. If you’ve never been to Parkview Square, it’s that majestic art deco building diagonally opposite Bugis Junction, that looks like it came out of Gotham City. Some call it the Gotham Building, or the Batman Building (because everybody knows Batman, but they forget the name of the city Batman lives in).

I love visiting Parkview Square just to admire the amazing architecture and statues. There are many statues of great people on the sides of the compound. It’s really a beautiful sight to behold.

Divine Wine Bar at Parkview Square, Singapore
Plato standing tall in town

Divine Wine Extraordinaire is located on the ground floor of the building and it occupies the entire floor.

As you enter the building, be sure to stop and admire the ornate designs that decorate the interior.

Divine Wine Bar at Parkview Square, Singapore
The Grandeur of Art Deco fills this place!

Everything inside is made of stone, glass, brass, and wood, just like those high society clubs in the pre-WW2 period. From the paintings on the ceiling, to the sculptures and carvings on the walls and pillars. Nothing here is made of plastic.

Divine Wine Bar at Parkview Square, Singapore
Beautiful paintings on the ceiling
Divine Wine Bar at Parkview Square, Singapore
Beautiful metal sculptures mounted on the walls

The brass, despite it being massively present throughout the entire place, and with all its elaborate carvings, seems to be polished regularly. It is so well-polished that the brass sparkles! It feels as though you are in a room made of gold!

The attention to detail is incredible. Even the lighting is designed with a consistent art deco style, and it certainly does not look cheap at all.

Divine Wine Bar at Parkview Square, Singapore
Massive art deco lighting hanging from the ceiling

If you’re a big Batman fan, you’d realise that the design is also consistent with everything in Gotham City. This is the stuff of Bruce Wayne‘s daily indulgence!

The hallmark of Divine Wine Bar is it’s famous 3-storey wine chiller and its collection of the fine wines.

Divine Wine Bar at Parkview Square, Singapore
The 3-storey wine chiller standing majestically before the presence of all, like a high altar dedicated to the God of Wine, maker of the Water of Life.

Of course, you must be wondering, if the wine chiller is 3-storeys high, how do they retrieve it?

Well, they’ve got ladies, known as Wine Angels, dressed in a silver with sequins (with a small pair of wings sewn to the back) who will go around taking orders for wine. Once she has collated a few orders, she will be hoisted up by an electronic pulley that will allow her to “fly” up and down the chiller.

Divine Wine Bar at Parkview Square, Singapore
The Wine Angel, flying up to retrieve wine from the heavens.

To be honest, this is rather gimmicky. It’s not as glam as it sounds. The electronic pulley is loud, and for some strange reason, they’ve programmed the pulley to make the angel bounce up and down very quickly as she moves horizontally. Perhaps if the movement was slower, it might look nice. But seeing her bounce in the air like a tea bag being jiggled in a cup looks more comical than stylish. The good thing is that after a while, the sound of the hoist kinda blends into the background, and you forget that there’s an angel bouncing comically in the air to retrieve wine for other customers (or maybe it was the wine that did the trick).

Nonetheless, it was good fun watching. My friends and I have been very curious to see how this wine retrieval works.

As these are fine wines, the price of a bottle ranges from SGD$95 to infinity. There’s a good selection of wines costing around $100 anyway. If you go with a group of 4, that works out to $25 per person, which is pretty reasonable if you want to chill out with the company of some friends. They have some side dishes, and other non-alcoholic drinks.

We ordered a bottle of Sherwood Estate Riesling 2012 and some other things.

Divine Wine Bar at Parkview Square, Singapore
A waitress preparing an order

Here’s what we ordered:

Divine Wine Bar at Parkview Square, Singapore
Wine, nuts and cake!

And true to its name, the wine was indeed divine. I’m not a regular drinker of wine, but this wine was amazing. I really enjoyed every sip of it.

Truly, truly, this is the divine nectar of the gods, sent to us by an angel!

We came to this place specifically on a Saturday night because of the live jazz performance. If I’m not wrong, there’s a live performance every Friday and Saturday night at around 9pm. But you should call to check.

I love how the performance is on an elevated stage.

Divine Wine Bar at Parkview Square, Singapore
Live jazz performance

That night, the performance comprised a pianist on the grand piano, a cellist, and an alto vocalist singing jazz versions of popular songs.

The music that night was not too bad. However, the sound system didn’t do much justice to the music. A pity.

Nonetheless, everything – from the music, the service staff, the wine, the lighting, the interior, and even to the furnishings – came together to form a wonderful ambiance and environment that was perfect for chilling out with friends. This is great for people who like to enjoy wine, art, and a more quiet and cosy environment. This is my kind of place!

The other interesting thing about this place is that they open from 11am onwards. So if you’re not a wine person, you can always come by in the day for a nice cup of coffee or tea. I imagine this might actually be a good place to read a book. I’m not sure. I haven’t tried it yet, but it does look like a great place for reading with a cup of coffee (or wine), whichever poison works best for you. I’ll definitely come back to this place.

So, if you’d like to feel as though you’re Batman sipping wine in Gotham City, or wish to experience how it was like to chill out in the pre-WW2 era, this might be the place for you. Be sure to dress decently as there’s a strict restriction against slippers and shorts. And, if you’ve always wanted to find an excuse to dress up really nicely, this is the place to be!