Bacon is Good but Bacon Luncheon Ham is Better!

A few days ago, a friend of mine gave me this:

Kelly's Bacon Bits Luncheon Ham
Bacon bits luncheon meat!!!

It’s Kelly’s Bacon Bits Luncheon Ham!

He knew I was a huge fan of bacon, so he figured that I’d definitely love this.

I lit up immediately when he said bacon. So yes, I definitely love the idea of having bacon with my luncheon meat. I generally love the idea of having bacon with anything, including cupcakes. (I’m told there’s a cafe in Singapore that sells bacon cupcakes. I’m finding the right time to visit that place soon. SOON!!!)

Kelly's Bacon Bits Luncheon Ham
The back of the box.

I must say that the package design is pretty amazing for luncheon ham!

Although, I am rather irritated by the words, “Shiok! Lah!” (translation: “Great!” or “Wonderful!”) I’m pretty sure a non-Singaporean designed this.

Firstly, that’s too many exclamation marks, making it sound rather odd. In Singlish, we often say, “Shiok!” or “Shiok lah!” or “Shiok ah!”

“Shiok! Lah!” sounds like the kind of thing an angmoh (translation: Westerner) would say, clumsily, to amuse or impress his Singaporean friends.

Secondly, even if we minus the exclamation mark, “Shiok lah!” doesn’t sound like an exclamation of ecstasy or enjoyment. If you wanted to exclaim how great something is, you’d just say, “Shiok!” or “Shiok ah!”

“Shiok lah!” is often used in the context of describing something. E.g. “This thing is shiok lah. You should try it.” Well, I guess there’s a possibility the writer wrote “shiok lah” with the intention of describing that the luncheon meat is shiok. But as a two-word statement, it’s hard for me to interpret this as a descriptive statement instead of an exclamative statement.

Ok, I realised I digressed too much into (Singlish) grammar. Back to the bacon!

Today, The Fiancée and I decided to cook brunch together. As we didn’t plan this meal in advance, we didn’t have many ingredients available.

I figured today’s a good day to try this bacon luncheon thing. So we opened the box and took out a tin (it comes with two tins).

Kelly's Bacon Bits Luncheon Ham
Looks unhealthily delicious!

I’m really impressed by the design of the packaging.

We decided that we’ll make a delicious and wholesome omelette with garlic, basil, tomatoes, and of course, the bacon luncheon meat!

Here’s what we’ve prepared:

Kelly's Bacon Bits Luncheon Ham
The Fiancée wants everybody to know that she took this amazing photo!

After chopping everything up, we tossed the ingredients into the frying pan to brown them.

Kelly's Bacon Bits Luncheon Ham
Frying the ham, tomatoes, garlic, and basil!

Once browned, we added the eggs.

Here’s the final result:

Kelly's Bacon Bits Luncheon Ham
A wholesome yet delicious omelette, eaten with bread and butter.

It was… DELICIOUS! Amazing stuff!

The luncheon meat was delicious! It was indeed the star ingredient of the omelette. I could just eat this on its own!

As for the bacon bits, we couldn’t really taste the bacon. But I’m pretty sure it was the bacon that made the luncheon meat the star of the show.

I try not to eat luncheon meat because it’s unhealthy. So if given a choice, I would never buy it at the supermarket. But nonetheless, I’m really glad this box came with two tins. Now that I’ve savoured the unhealthy deliciousness of it, I am craving for another meal with this. Soon… soon… I shall think of another way to prepare this.

I visited the Kelly’s website as I was curious to find out what other flavours of luncheon ham they had. The packaging said that there’s another 3 flavours. Turns out, in addition to Bacon Bits, there are: Picante Pork, Chicken Lyoner, and Beef Pastrami. I’d love to try them. But I’ll stick to my principles – I will not buy luncheon meat. BUT – a big big BUT – if anyone’s willing to buy and give it to me, that’s a different matter altogether. So please, go ahead and poison me with these other flavours. I’d love to try it! After all, shiok lah! :D