Heart-Shaped Pasta!

Last weekend, The Fiancée and I were walking around in the Isetan Supermarket at Westgate Shopping Mall.

We were looking for things to cook together when we spotted this:

Heart Shaped Pasta
Love Pasta by Dalla Coasta

It’s a packet of heart-shaped pasta!

In fact, this was the last packet on the shelf!

Without hesitation, we grabbed it and bought it!

And today, we decided to cook it for dinner!

Here’s the pasta with the packet open:

Heart-shaped pasta! Perfect for lovers!
Heart-shaped pasta! Perfect for lovers!

As the packet suggests, this is pasta meant for a romantic dinner for two.

Well… There might be enough pasta to feed a third person, if that’s your idea of a romantic dinner. I’m not here to judge, and please don’t tell me. I’d rather not know. :P

Anyway, we made a simple dinner with some ready-made pasta sauce and salmon. This pasta takes about 10 minutes to cook. It’s about the same time to prepare ingredients to cook the salmon.

Here it is, our lovely dinner together:

Heart shaped pasta
There’s nothing like eating home-cooked heart-shaped pasta with the one you love.

I must say that this pasta still retains its heart shape after being cooked, well, most of the pasta in the pot at least. So you can be sure that you have lots of hearts to serve your loved one.

The last time I had specially-shaped pasta, it was a disaster. A very cheeky friend bought penis-shaped pasta from Italy and decided to cook a pot for a group of us. Unfortunately, after the pasta was cooked, the pasta lost its shape and became so flaccid that it looked like we were eating linguine. It was tragic, especially when the penis-pasta was meant as a “gift” for someone who was going to get married the following week. Not a good sign! I wouldn’t recommend penis-shaped pasta.

Heart-shaped pasta, on the other hand, yes! It’s more romantic, less crude, and will not lose its shape.

You might be wondering how it tastes. Err… Well, it tastes like pasta. Nothing particularly extraordinary about it. I thought the texture of the pasta was kinda nice. That’s all. It’s really just for the novelty of serving hearts to your darling.

Well, if you’d like to fill your mouth and the mouth of your loved one with hearts, this might be the pasta you are looking for. Maybe you weren’t conscious about your search for heart-shaped pasta, but now you are!

I’m not sure when they’ll have stock of this pasta again, but be sure to keep a lookout for it the next time you visit the supermarket at Isetan!