The stapler that blew my mind

I was watching YouTube the other day, and discovered that there exists a stapler that is so mind-blowingly awesome.

Maybe I’ve been hiding in a cave, which might explain why I didn’t know this exists.

But I think, it’s safe to say that most guys wouldn’t be aware of it (yes, we’ve all been living in caves). Somehow the guys I spoke to had a positive reaction. But I didn’t get any response other than “meh”, from the ladies because this is something that’s apparently not new to them. (In which case, why are they hiding this awesome stapler from the guys?!)

Well, let me present the problem before I show you the stapler of salvation…

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to make booklets by stapling the centre of the page? The only problem is that the paper is too big (or the stapler is too small), so you can’t reach the centre to staple it?

Long reach stapler!
Have you ever faced such a problem?

What would you do in such a situation?

Some would give up and throw the offending booklet and stapler away.

Others would do it the difficult way, by opening up the stapler, stapling the centre of the papers, and then turning the booklet around to bend the staples in. Some people are satisfied with this solution.

I, however, am not one of those who are easily satisfied by this. No matter how I try, I could never properly bend the staples in nicely. It still sticks out, and sometimes, it’ll scratch my hand, or rip a hole in a bookmark ribbon that happens to be there.

For a very long time, I have been tolerating this (first-world) problem…

… until one day, when I watched a YouTube video on craft work, and discovered that there are staplers out there that could solve this problem. So I set myself out on a mission to find such an awesome stapler.

You know, I’ve always thought the solution was to get a longer stapler. (Am I the only one that thinks this way?)

Anyway, this mind-blowingly awesome stapler does it differently.

I found one selling at Tokyu Hands in Westgate (Jurong East) for $13.50, and happily bought one.

Here it is:

Long reach stapler
Behold the stapler of awesomeness!

It’s known as a Long Reach Stapler. And yes, you can fit normal staples in it (they’re called staples, not stapler bullets!).

Looks like a normal stapler, doesn’t it?

Well, you’re wrong!

Long reach stapler
This is not just an ordinary stapler.

There’s more than meets the eye with this stapler.

It’s no Transformer, but it certainly can transform.

Behold (and this is where I experienced a mind-blowing moment of enlightenment)!!!

Long reach stapler
Behold the stapler of salvation!

That’s right, you can rotate it 90 degrees (to the left or to the right, whichever way you choose).

And then, you can staple the middle of your paper with lots of ease!

Long reach stapler
Now you can staple booklets with ease!

Oh my gosh! There’s this great feeling of liberation. I feel… UNSTOPPABLE! It’s like, I can now staple anything! Nothing can stop me! No paper will ever be too long to be stapled!

It’s so effortless! It works like a charm! Oh wow! Oh wow!

Long reach stapler
Look how perfectly the staple holds the paper together. This is a beautiful sight to behold for all stationery lovers and people with OCD (or both).

I can’t wait to get started on my little projects to make my own notebooks.

And yes, if I do decide to make my own wedding service booklets, you can be sure I will staple all those booklets with this amazing stapler.