I’m envious of the current generation of kids, but for reasons you least expect

I’m so envious of the current generation of kids.

It’s not because they have smartphones, tablets, or any of those high-tech toys to play with.

Rather, it’s because of things like this:

Oh my gawd! So many colours!!!
Oh my gawd! So many colours!!! (Available at Tokyu Hands, if you’re wondering where to find them)

Gosh… It’s so fun to be a student in 2015. Kids have access to all kinds of fancy coloured pens – Pilot G2 pens even – to play with, or even to make notes with. In my school days, Pilot G2s only came in black, blue, and red. Green came in much later in my school years, but it wasn’t so easy to find it.

Today, 2015? You can find a wide variety of fancy colours in a G2, a pen that writes very well!

Amazing. I’m actually quite blown away by the turquoise and sky blue. They’re both very sweet colours.

Wow… If I were a student, I’d use these colours to make notes (as I did in the past, but with crappier pens). So fun.

I’m envious because it doesn’t make sense for me to buy these fancy-coloured G2 pens. I don’t have a use for them. They’d just be collecting dust in a drawer or something. Personally, I think this is the kind of thing that you can have the most fun with as a kid in school. There are many opportunities to use all these colours for all sorts of reasons and occasions. You can make study notes, or write little notes to your friends, or simply doodle away in class to pass the time during boring lessons.

Anyway, it’s amazing the kinds of high-tech stationery that has been developed in recent times. Now, there’s even a mechanical pencil that will rotate the lead as you write, so that you will always get a sharp tip to use. Wow… So cool. Again, I have no use for it. I don’t use pencils anymore! (Not even for drawing – I just go ahead and draw with a pen)

I wonder what kinds of stationery I’d see on sale in 10 years time. What amazing new pen/pencil technology would we see in the future? It’s hard to imagine, but I’m always to amazed every time I see a new piece of stationery-technology on sale in stationery shops.