Hero Fountain Pen Ink

I was recently introduced to the Hero fountain pen ink, and I must say, I was very impressed!

Hero is a huge stationery brand in China. Don’t let the “Made in China” label fool you. Many of their pens are actually very nice to write with even though it’s just a few dollars!

This is the one brand where a SGD$5 fountain pen can give me a superb and pleasurable writing experience that even a $400 fountain pen cannot give. It’s amazing. Sometimes I sit back and wonder why I even bother with the other brands. I should just focus on using Hero pens.

So, when I was first introduced to the ink, I actually had high expectations of it. If they make great pens, I’m sure they are capable of making great ink.

And it turns out, I was right!

Not only can you get such great ink for slightly over SGD$2, but best of all, it’s WATERPROOF!!!

Why bother paying SGD$20+ for a Western brand waterproof ink?

Anyway, I decided to get some Hero ink today. I’ve been recently inspired by the Urban Sketchers – a group of people who draw scenes of the city with pens and colour their drawings with watercolour paint. I needed to fill my pens with some water proof ink if I wanted to do just that. Otherwise, if I used my normal ink, the ink would run the moment I swipe a wet brush over the lines.

Here’s how the packaging looks:


Hero Fountain Pen Ink (#234, Black)


I got it from Du Yi Bookshop for SGD$2.30. For 10 cents more, you can get the same ink but with a fancier bottle.

So I’ve filled the Hero ink into the two pens that I decided to dedicate as my art drawing pens.


A Pilot Prera (with a Kakuno fine nib, because I damaged my original Prera nib), and a Hero fude-nib pen

So how’s the performance of the ink?

Well, here’s a photo of the ink on paper. I’ve brushed a wet brush over certain areas. I realised this isn’t a very good photo because my brush wasn’t clean, so it kinda smudged whatever colour it had previously on its tip.


Nonetheless, it is quite waterproof.

What I love about this ink is that when it dries, the the ink appears as a lovely ash grey colour. There isn’t any red tinge or anything of that sort.

Just a lovely ash grey colour. Very nice.

I can’t wait to draw something and paint some watercolour on it. I’m really excited.