A drink that tastes, smells, and looks like coffee, but isn’t coffee!

I discovered an interesting drink some time ago… It tastes like coffee, smells like coffee, and it even looks like coffee! The weird thing is, it’s NOT coffee at all.

I can’t believe it’s not coffee!

In fact, it’s a type of tea – barley tea, to be specific. It’s known as “Mugicha” in Japanese, or, “Da Mai Cha (大麦茶)” in Chinese.

Chances are, you’ve probably drank it in certain Japanese/Chinese eateries, but it’s often too diluted for it to taste or smell like coffee.

However, if you were to make the tea yourself, you would get the amazing coffee experience from this tea.

My sister-in-law introduced this to me some time back, but it’s only recently that I managed to find it in supermarkets.

I got this bag from the Marketplace supermarket at Raffles City. For SGD$6+, you get 52 sachets. Pretty reasonable price!

Only SGD$6+ for a bag of 52 sachets! Wow!

Here’s how it looks. I had to soak it in water so that you can see the contents of the bag.

The tea bag just when I dropped it in hot water.

Here’s how it looks after leaving it to steep for a while.

Looks like coffee, yeah?

Here’s a side view of my glass mug.

Behold, the amber radiance of coffee/tea!

Looks like coffee, yeah? Well, ok, to be fair, some teas also look like this.

If I could transmit the smell and taste over the Internet, I would gladly do it to let you be amazed at how coffee-like this tastes.

Well, don’t just take it from me. Give this a try! Let yourself be confused by it – how can tea taste and smell like coffee? – then let your mind be blown by how this is indeed possible!