Fountain Pen Nib Grinding

Well, once again, I’ve ground another fountain pen nib. I was experimenting with it to see if I could get a thin nib, but that didn’t go well. So, to salvage the situation, I ground it further to get a calligraphy tip.

As you can see, the tip is not round as a ball anymore.


What can you do with a flat tip? Well, it allows to easily create beautiful calligraphy with it. I say “easily” because I haven’t mastered the art of creating beautiful calligraphy using a normal ball-tip fountain pen – it takes a lot of practice.

Here’s a sample passage I wrote with this newly ground nib.


“You cannot discuss the Dao (The Way) with a cramped scholar – he is shackled by his doctrines.”

(Zhuangzi, Chapter 17, “Autumn Floods”)

Oh, if you are curious about how to do nib grinding, you can refer to the instructions by Ludwig Tan on his website.