Purple noodles are the best thing ever made since the invention of sliced bread!

Recently, at the recommendation of a friend, I decided to try purple noodles, and it was mind-blowingly awesome! What makes it even more amazing to me, is the fact that product was locally made right here in Singapore! (You can read more about how awesome it is here: Purple Wheat Noodles Bring Colour to Your Palatte and Plate)

It turns out that there are several other flavours. I decided to try this flavour: Chilli and Lime!


Chilli and lime sounds like a weird combination to me, but hey, my experience with this purple noodles has been amazing! Also, this is the one flavour that was highly recommended by that friend. So, it must be very good, right? (And it’s supposed to be healthy too!)

Without hesitation, I cooked it and prepared it with a side of vegetables and a fried egg.

Here’s how it looks:

I’m very bad at mixing my seasoning, hence the uneven colours. But hey, it tastes amazing! Also, I cooked two packets of noodles, that’s why there’s so much noodles in the plate.


My verdict? It was amazing! Wow… I never knew chilli and lime would go great together! For those of you who can’t take spicy, good news! It’s not that spicy either!

It was a really enjoyable meal. Great work, people at Koka! Keep making Singapore proud with your innovation!

If you haven’t tried it yet, go out to your nearest supermarket and buy one! It’s really good!