Monocle Madness

I recently ordered a monocle from eBay and it arrived today!


It’s not the first time I’ve got a monocle. The last time The Fiancée went to the US, I pestered her to get one for me. Unfortunately, I seemed to have misplaced that monocle. Oops… Anyway, for random and unknown reasons, I’ve found a deep compulsion within me to get a replacement monocle. I thought… Well, it’s only USD$4. Why not?

Well, maybe I shouldn’t have ordered it. Turns out it’s too big to fit my face. And sadly, the frame is a piece of rubber wrapped around a piece of plastic. Sad… I was hoping it was a proper frame, then I could get my optician friends to put in an actual piece of lens so that I can see with it.

Ah well…

Since it’s only USD$4, I decided to have some fun with it by putting a monocle on some of my stuffed toys!

Here’s Piglet wearing a monocle!


Looking classy Piglet! Stay classy, always!

Here’s Tonkatsu with a monocle! (Tonkatsu is a Japanese character belonging to a group of cute characters who love to hide in a corner)


Ahhhh!!! So cute!

Here’s Mr. Bean with a monocle!


For some reason, Mr. Bean looks sinister!

Here are my beloved pandas with a monocle!


So cute!

I decided to put a monocle on a panda t-shirt (yes, I love pandas!). Here it is:


The panda gentleman! Always polite and considerate. Save the pandas!

Haha… Ok, I might find more fun ways to maximise the use of this monocle. Stay tuned!