Purple Wheat Noodles Bring Colour to your Palatte and Plate!

Not too long ago, a friend of mine told me about this new instant noodle product. It’s known as “Purple Wheat Noodles.”

It was developed right here in Singapore!

A locally made product? This I got to try!

I stumbled upon the product by accident one day and bought it immediately.

Here’s how it looks:


It’s under the Koka brand. Purple Wheat Noodles, Aglio Olio flavour.

Wow! Great branding and marketing! The name of the product has got me very curious! What are purple noodles? Are they good to eat? Does it have a weird purple colour? Can they do a good job with making instant aglio olio flavour?

So, last night, I tried making one for myself. I wasn’t sure how purple-ish the noodles would look. I can only hope that it looks appetizing. And in a purple way, it did look quite appetizing!

Here’s how it looks:


Here’s how it looks after it’s been cooked:


The seasoning for aglio olio flavour was pretty amazing. I have to hand it to the guy who invented this, he’s a genius!

Not only do the noodles smell great, it tastes great too!

Anyway, the Fiancée and I both agreed that it’s amazing. We’re definitely going to buy this again. It was such an enjoyable experience. Give it a try! And as you eat this, be proud to know that it’s the product of Singapore ingenuity!

Update: I’ve also learn that this purple noodles was so amazing that the Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology awarded Koka the 2009 Product Innovation Award. Kudos to Koka for their ingenuity!