Awesome Porridge at Tiong Bahru

Yesterday, my brother and I went over to Tiong Bahru in search of some good food. We stumbled upon this place:

JpegIt’s Ah Chiang’s Porridge! (They also serve tau hui, a soya bean dessert, but we didn’t try it)

Just standing around the eatery, you could already smell the fragrant aromas. Quite unique for a porridge place, in my opinion. Usually, you’ll just smell porridge. But here, the air was filled with more than just the smell of porridge. You could identify the aromas of meats and other seasonings. It was a delight for the nose!

We decided to try the food here.

I ordered a pork ball porridge while my brother ordered a fish belly porridge. We both ordered fried fish eggs and added an egg to our porridge. After a few minutes, the porridge was served!

Here it is!

JpegWow… The porridge smelt amazing!

Here’s a close-up of mine. Take a good look at the lovely texture of the porridge!

JpegThey’ve boiled the rice to such an extent, it looks like soup! Yum!

It turns out my egg was hiding behind the spoon. We great delight, my brother and I burst the yolks in our bowl and stirred it around.

They must be using very high quality eggs. Because, even after mixing the egg into the porridge very thoroughly, the yolk had coloured my porridge.

JpegLook at how yellow my porridge has become! All that egg-y goodness in a bowl!

Oh wow! Oh wow!

We both agreed that this was the best porridge we’ve eaten, EVER! The texture, the taste, the richness of the ingredients: they’ve transformed a humble bowl of porridge into a grand feast!

It’s definitely a place I want to visit again!

Here’s the address if you’re curious to know where it is:

Here’s the address: Ah Chiang Porridge Pte Ltd, Blk 65 Tiong Poh Road, #01-38, Singapore 160065)