Time to hit the PANIC button! (And a thought about photography)

I’m taking a short breather from work now as I’m quite overwhelmed by the sheer amount of what needs to be done.

Here’s what I have on my plate right now:

  • Revise a working paper that will be used to entice/instigate certain groups of people to participate in an upcoming symposium (due this weekend)
  • Edit a 20-page document (due this weekend)
  • Write my research proposal for my Masters application (deadline’s at the end of the month, but I need to show a draft to the professor)
  • Prepare two lectures on philosophy and technology for a group of students (by the mid of the month)

I really did not expect this month to be so hectic. Right now, I’m struggling to find a way to revise the draft working paper. How, oh how?

It’s time to hit the panic button!

That’s actually the escape key on my keyboard.

Took this photo just now. One of the things I’d like to experiment with is the use of black and white photography. Well, the photo above isn’t entirely monochrome. I couldn’t resist returning the original red colour to the panic button.

I recently spoke to a philosophy professor who enjoys taking black and white photography. His thoughts are that when you take photos in colour, you can’t help but be focused on capturing that which is beautiful. But when you change to black and white, what you focus on when taking photos is different. You’re not concerned so much with trivial pretty sights, but with things that encompasses meaning. It compels you to capture the moment, the meaning, the expressing, or even the form of a structure. Black and white photography takes you to a whole new level of what is meaningful, as framed within the lens of your camera.

Ok. I think the feeling of being overwhelmed has subsided. Back to work!