Stocking up my mini fridge!

Alright! I’m so excited about my new (and free!) mini fridge that I went out to the the nearest convenience shop during lunch to get some milk. (See “A Fridge with an Identity Crisis” for an earlier post about this fridge)

As this fridge is very small, I can only fit in small bottles/cartons of milk.

To my annoyance, the shop didn’t have fresh Meiji milk in a small bottle. They only had chocolate or strawberry. So I got two bottles of chocolate Meiji milk. I guess I’ll make some mocha later (and enjoy delicious chocolate milk whenever I feel like it).

Recently, one of my colleagues gave me a present for Christmas: chocolate digestive biscuits. Not wanting the chocolate to melt when I want to eat it, I decided I shall keep it in my mini fridge as well.

So, here they are:

Oh fridge!
Oh fridge!

Wow… I knew my mini fridge was small. I didn’t realise it was THAT small.

Anyway, it’s a free fridge! I’m cool with that anyway (pun intended).