A Fridge with an Identity Crisis

I recently got a free mini fridge from Standard Chartered bank just by signing up for a credit card (Yay! Free things!)

I’ve always wanted a mini fridge so that I can store my fresh milk in it. It’s always nice to have a little fresh milk milk with my coffee. (No, I hate powdered creamers – they’re an abomination! Have you ever read the list of ingredients? Do it and you yourself will swear never to consumed powdered creamers ever again!)

Here’s how it looks!


Pretty isn’t it?

Well, as I was setting it up, I decided to read the instructions manual.

This was what I found:


“This cooler and warmer is not a refrigerator, it is a fridge.

Wait wait wait… WHAT?!

Isn’t the word, “fridge,” a simple way of saying, “refrigerator”?

But if a fridge is different from a refrigerator, then we might run into some problems. For starters (hypothetically), the two may have very different functions. In which case, would this device suffice to preserve my dairy products? Or would it fail to do a good job at cooling, and instead perform as a fermentation machine?

I checked Wikipedia (which is totally the greatest authority on refrigerators and fridges), and it says that “fridge” is the colloquial version of “refrigerator.”

I’m guessing, as a mini-fridge, this fridge has a bit of an identity crisis. Can you still call it a refrigerator if it has the extra ability to keep things warm? (Not both warm and cool at the same time though, although that would be kinda… COOL!!! YEAH!!!!! Pun so totally intended!) Can you still call it a refrigerator if you can’t stuff all your refrigerator-worthy items in it?

Then again, could it be a typo? Maybe the writer meant to say, “freezer” instead?

Or maybe, the creators recognised the minute differences between a refrigerator and a fridge! They recognised that the very essences and functions between the two differ, but they couldn’t wrap their heads around the true meaning and nature of what they have created. But the instruction manual had to be written! And so it is that they decided to declare this thing a fridge and not a refrigerator!

Oh fridge! What is your true nature?

Well, fret not little fridge. I will not put you in that crisis situation where your ambiguous identity is to be challenged. Just keep my milk from spoiling: I do not require anything more. *pats the top of the mini fridge*