Giving a new lease of life to an old watch

I have a really old watch, given to me by my dad about 10 years ago.

I’ve not worn it for years because I’ve grown bigger (*ahem* gained weight *ahem*) and my wrist became too big to fit the metal strap.

As such, it’s been sitting around collecting dust for some time.

Recently, I’ve been wanting to get a nice watch. And then I remembered the old watch my dad gave me.

I thought… Why not change the strap? Maybe that will work out.

And so I did! I took the watch out to the nearest watch shop and had the strap changed from a metallic silver strap to a nice black leather strap. $25 only. Not bad!

The effect of a strap change exceeded my expectations. Not only did it make the watch look super classy, but somehow, it made this old watch look like a brand new one! Amazing! It only took a change in the strap. Wow…

Here’s my watch with a new lease of life:


Lovely, isn’t it?