Mocha with what?

I visited Johor Bahru more than a week ago. There’s this new mall next to City Square Mall. It’s called Komtar. In there is a very atas (upmarket) supermarket. Thought it’d be interesting to check it out.

Here’s one product that stood out among the shelves. I picked it up, looked at it, got disgusted and put it back on the shelf. Then I decided that it’d make a great blog post, so I took it off the shelf once again to photograph it.

Here’s the said product:

Wait… What?

It’s not JUST mocha with goat’s milk. It’s mocha LACED with goat’s milk! Got that? LACED! Oh gosh…

It sounds as if my cup was spiked by some devious person, except that instead of spiking it with poison or some other drug to knock me out, it’s just goat’s milk because… why not? Maybe there’s an oversupply of goat’s milk and the farmers don’t know what to do with it.

“Hey man! I over-milked our one and only goat. Its all dry and shriveled up now, but what do we do with all these milk?”

Anyway, the phrasing is just terrible. You don’t lace people’s drink unless you’re an evil villain.

This is one product I’m definitely not gonna buy.