The Peculiar List of Occupations on Maybank’s iBanking Website

Not too long ago, I went into the Maybank iBanking website to update my particulars.

I was quite amused by the list of occupations that I could choose from.

Maybank 1

Here’s a closer look! Py attention the to ones that I’ve highlighted! (You can verify this for yourself by logging in to Maybank’s iBanking, and go to Customer Service -> Your Particulars)

Maybank 2

Baker? Bell-boy? Buyer? Coffee Shop Assistant? Cremator? Who came up with this list?!

And for that matter… Bishop? Are there so many bishops in Singapore and Malaysia that it needs its own entry?

Oh… It gets even better! Take a look at the next list:

Maybank 3

Driller? Dyer? ESCORT?!?!?! (Do they actually publicise their job?) Fitter? (What does a professional fitter fit?!) Football Player?! Do we have so many professional football players to have it listed?

And why does the Engineering Assistant get his own entry? Isn’t an engineering assistant also an engineer?! Hmm…

(Update: Oops… One of my friends pointed out that “driller” is an actual profession, with a really high pay. And, engineering assistants aren’t really professional engineers. Ok, I learnt something new!)

Anyway, here’s my favourite… FORTUNE TELLER!

I know one guy who definitely filled in “Fortune Teller” on his Maybank particulars:

This was the “fortune teller” who claimed he could locate the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 plane with his coconuts.

And then there’s grinder (totally a professional full-time job), herbalist, and hunter. Boba Fett (from Star Wars) would probably be happy to select “Hunter” if he opened a Maybank account. At last, a bank that recognises his job!

There’s more of this list:

Maybank 4

Messenger?! What era are we living in?! Why is messenger still an occupation?

Anyway, I guess if there are many professional footballers around in Singapore and Malaysia, there should also be many referees too.

Here’s the last of the list:

Maybank 5

I highlighted “un-identified” because Maybank has several other entries that says the same thing: “Non-obtainable,” “Others.” Well, I guess in Maybank’s world, “non-obtainable” and “un-identified” are totally different, and cannot and should not be classed under “Others.”

Anyway, they’ve also got washer and zoo-keeper. Do we really have that many zoo-keepers in Singapore and Malaysia?

I really wonder who came up with this list.

Well, what do you want to be when you grow up?