Funny Sights in Malaysia

I recently went on a short trip to Malaysia, and had the chance to walk around for a bit.

Here are some funny sights I saw!

1. Deformed Blocks!


Why buy Lego when you can buy “Deformed Blocks?”

Buy this set and you can build a (sub)Optimus Prime with Down Syndrome!


2. Brutally Honest Sign


This sign made me laugh only because they’re so brutally honest with how they work.

This is not a good way to do business, in my opinion. Serving one customer at a time? It’s not even a shop selling luxury brand bags! The shop sells fake brands!


3. Life Advice


You should always take life advice from t-shirts: Don’t cry. Say ‘f*** you’ and smile.


4. Soup of the Day!

JpegToday’s Soup of the Day is: ENGLISH CREAM OF SOUP!

Why settle for cream of mushroom or cream of chicken, when you can have Cream of Soup?

If anything, I think this is way better (and healthier) than a soup full of cream.