BFC (Best Fried Chicken) – Looks like KFC, Smells like KFC, But It’s Not KFC!

Over the weekends, The Fiancée and I made a short trip to Batam, Indonesia, for a short holiday. It was a much needed holiday for me as I was starting to get burnt out by work. I needed some time off to recharge myself.

In Batam, one of the things that caught my attention was a fast food joint called, BFC.

Look at that! The logo looks so much like the KFC logo!

BFC stands for “Best Fried Chicken.” The word, “best” seems to be one of the most popular word in Batam. Almost every shop name I see has the adjective in it.

The last time I visited Batam, the guide said that the people of Batam really love fried chicken. They love it soooo much that there’s just so many KFC-copycats scattered all over the place. BFC seems like one of the most popular ones. You can find it in every single mall.

The people who run BFC have really outdone themselves in mimicking KFC! Not only is the font and logo the same, but even their slogan mirrors KFC’s “Finger Licking Good”!

BFC’s slogan is: “It’s Tongue Crunchy in Good.”

Oh gosh… The English is so bad, hearing/reading it is the equivalent of listening to the sound of fingernails scratching a chalkboard!

But anyway, the people of BFC are so proud of it, they have it printed on their walls in huge font, multiple times!

Can you hear the nails scratching the chalkboard? It’s Tongue Crunchy in Good! It’s Tongue Crunchy in Good! It’s Tongue Crunchy in Good!!!!!!!!!!

I really wonder what is the original untranslated slogan. For the life of me, I cannot imagine how you get a proper Indonesian sentence translated into something as weird and crazy as this!

Here’s more of BFC’s propaganda!

Apologies for the blurry picture. IT’S TONGUE CRUNCHY IN GOOD!!!


It’s tongue crunchy in good!

Anyway, this being Best Fried Chicken, we decided we must try their signature dish – the fried chicken!

Who knows? Perhaps their fried chicken is really the best?

Perhaps, after eating their fried chicken, I’ll come to truly understand what it means for their chicken to be “tongue crunchy in good”?

Best Fried Chicken (BFC). Looks and smells a lot like the KFC Original.

I must say, the fried chicken looks and smells a lot like KFC’s original fried chicken. That’s pretty amazing!

Now for the taste test! The Fiancée and I ate it and… we were disappointed. The fried chicken skin kinda tastes like the KFC original chicken, but the meat was very very dry and disappointing.

I personally felt that the skin was a bit too hard that I couldn’t really enjoy the crunchiness.

However, I must say that BFC does have some saving grace! Apart from fried chicken, BFC sells the usual fast food things like french fries and curly fries.

We opted for the curly fries and we enjoyed it a lot!

BFC’s Curly Fries are super delicious!

Wow! The curly fries are really good. My mouth is watering now as I write about it. But yes, if you do visit BFC, try this!

And apart from the standard fast food items, BFC also sells Indonesian favourites, like Ayam Penyat (smashed fried chicken), Mee Soto (some noodle dish), etc.

We had to try something local but we weren’t very hungry. So we ordered the Pekedil (it’s spelt Begerdil in Singapore – it’s a potato cutlet side dish).

Look at the Pekedil!

Golden brown and delicious!

How was it? Oh wow! It was delicious! Gosh… It’s so amazing! Perhaps, one of the best bergerdils/pekedils I’ve ever tasted!

Even though we did not come to truly comprehend the profound meaning of “tongue crunchy in good” from their mediocre fried chicken that looks and smells like KFC’s original (it’s still pretty amazing that they were so successful in copying that!), we nonetheless had a very enjoyable time with the potato dishes.

So there you have it! Best Fried Chicken – it’s tongue crunchy in good!