Learning to Wrap Rice Dumplings!

Yesterday, The Fiancée and I went for an event celebrating the Rice Dumpling Festival, or as I like to call it, Bak Zhang Day! (If you’re curious  to know more about this event, do read Happy Bak Zhang Day!)

The highlight of the event was that we would learn how to wrap rice dumplings.

I thought they would teach us how to make rice dumplings – from wrapping to cooking – but it turns out that they were quite literal about it. They only taught us how to wrap dumplings, but it was a whole lot of fun!

They got a lady from China, who learnt to wrap rice dumplings since she was very young.

It sounds really easy to make rice dumplings. All you got to do is to get one of those leaves (I have no idea what leaf they use!). And then, you take one end and roll it into a cone. After which, you pour uncooked glutinous rice and whatever additional ingredients you’d like to add.

For the demonstration, we were only given rice and red dates. Eee… I wouldn’t exactly eat such a dumpling, but hey, it’s just a demonstration.

Would be really cool if we could add stuff like bacon! MMMmmm…

Anyway, so far so good. Look, here’s my “cone” of glutinous rice!

2014-05-30 18.27.17

Then comes the really tough part – wrapping it up and tying the dumpling with string.

Oh my goodness… The way the lady instructor did it looked so easy. Just pull over the flap and wrap it around the cone. Looks easy, but it wasn’t easy at all!

Both The Fiancée and I were clueless and we were struggling!

The Fiancée did a pretty good job nonetheless!

2014-05-30 18.44.30
A perfect rice dumpling should look nice and triangular (equilateral triangle). The Fiancée did a great job!

Look at that! Looks so triangular! That’s the ideal shape to have.

Look at how perfect she wrapped the dumplings!

2014-05-30 19.02.16
The Fiancée’s perfectly wrapped rice dumpling!

As for mine? Oh gosh… It was a complete failure!

I could never get it anywhere near perfection! Sigh…

You ready to see my abomination? Here goes!

2014-05-30 18.44.15
Looks absolutely nothing like rice dumplings. It’ll spoil your Bak Zhang Day and it’ll probably give you diarrhea too!

I made a trapezium dumpling and an isoceles triangle dumpling!

Oh gosh! What an epic fail!

It was great fun! We spent most of the time laughing at how badly wrapped our dumplings were.

If ever we made rice dumplings, I’ll leave The Fiancée to wrap them up! I’ll probably just work the steamer.

If you’re gonna try doing this, we’re told that you need to steam the wrapped dumplings for around 90 minutes.

We never got the chance to cook this. I don’t think any of us would dare to eat it either. Haha!

Well, this would definitely be a Bak Zhang celebration we’d never forget!