Can anybody spell “Jonathan” correctly?!

Here’s a pet peeve of mine: in the 27 years of my existence, I rarely come across people who can spell my name right.

My name is Jonathan. It’s a very common name! It can’t be that hard to spell, right?

Well, apparently that’s not the case!

In e-mails, letters, cards, etc., people have spelt my name as: Jonathon, Johnathan, or worse – a combination of the two errors – Johnathon!

I particularly hate it when people spell my name as “Jonathon” or “Johnathon.” The -thon at the end gives me the impression of some lame transformer villain. A failed Megatron perhaps. It’s really a thorn to my ears.

What really annoys me is the fact that my name is actually ON THEIR SCREEN (as an e-mail), or on a namecard (where they got my e-mail address).

You’d think people would have some basic sense or courtesy to at least check the spelling right?

No! Unbelievable…

Even my parents can’t spell my name right these days. I’m surprised they even gave me this name to begin with! Sigh…

This is why all my e-mails don’t have my first name on it. If 90% of people on this island can’t spell my name right, I doubt they’ll get my e-mail address right. Such a tragedy…

On a side note, here’s something interesting: I noticed that more and more parents in this country have given their kids the name, “Johnathan.” Yes, that’s right, with an extra ‘h’!

I’m cool with that. But for the rest of the Jonathan-s on this island, please! Spell our names right! It’s J-O-N-A-T-H-A-N! No extra ‘h’s, and definitely no ‘o’ at the back! If that’s too hard to remember, remember this: JO-NATHAN. Easy?

How about you, dear reader, do people often spell your name wrong too?