Ikea Coffee Beans!

I visited Ikea yesterday and I was quite surprised to learn that they sell Ikea Coffee Beans!

Look at that!

2014-05-26 08.45.24

Coffee beans! 8.8 ounces of caffeine goodness for SGD$4.50!


A usual bag of about 8 ounces costs SGD$7.90 to SGD$12 (or more if you buy very branded coffee).

So, not only is it cheaper, you actually get a little more coffee beans in a bag! Pretty good offer!

I had to buy and try! If the coffee is good, I could save a lot of money drinking coffee! (My office pantry has an espresso machine, but we have to provide our own beans)

In fact, I was crossing my fingers and hoping very hard that Ikea coffee beans will taste as awesome as their hotdogs and Swedish meatballs. (Oh! The meatballs! MMMmmm…)

So this morning, I gave it a try!

How was it?

Well, unfortunately, the beans don’t smell as fresh and fragrant as the ones that you get from supermarkets or at a cafe. So that was a bit of a disappointment. Nonetheless, for $4.50, I was willing to bear with it.

As for the taste, well, surprisingly it didn’t taste bad. It kinda just tastes like ordinary coffee. It’s decent: not bad, good but not something that will really wow you. Nothing very spectacular. Just ordinary coffee.

It definitely wouldn’t please the coffee connoisseur, but if you drink coffee for purely utilitarian purposes (just to stay awake, or just to get your brain going), then this is the cheapest, and by far, most perfect solution!

Pretty cool!