A pasta that will make you feel that God is indeed dead!

I ate at the Ben Ten cafe in Jurong Point yesterday with The Fiancée. (I can’t believe someone named the cafe after a cartoon)

They had this “Design Your Own Pasta” scheme. There was a form for you to select all the things you want in your pasta. It looked pretty exciting!

The first thing I had to do on the form was to name my own pasta.

Name my own pasta?

Ooooo… This IS good! Lovely opportunity to be mischievous!

The Fiancée buried her face in her hands. She knew I was up to no good.

This was what I wrote:

2014-05-22 19.21.51
Name of your pasta: GOD IS DEAD

GOD IS DEAD!!! (Just a quote taken from Nietzsche)

Yup! That shall be the name of my pasta! Took me about 10 minutes to finally think of a fun name! (Haha! And I’m proud of it!)

The Fiancée wasn’t so pleased that I took 10 minutes, she was starving.

I imagined the waiter coming up to me, saying: “Here, God is dead.” That would have been a really hilarious moment!

Ah yes, I also chose “Fusilli” because, you know, life is twisted and never straightforward anyway (in line with my God is dead theme).

The waitress took the form and gave me a weird stare.

I returned a sheepish look.

A while later, a waiter came and gave me my “God is Dead” pasta. Sadly, he didn’t entertain me by announcing my dish. What a waste!

Anyway, I present you the “God is Dead” pasta:

The God is Dead Pasta!

In keeping with the “God is dead” theme, the pasta looks very dead and depressing. It tastes like a plate full of disappointment too, unfortunately. If you ever wanted to know what the experience of God’s death might be like, you should order this!

I asked for: (1) cheese, (2) a boiled egg, (3) salmon, and (4) mushrooms with pesto sauce.

However, I was served ONE SQUARE OF SLICED CHEESE (the kind that you put in sandwiches), a sunny side up, a tiny piece of salmon (not bigger than 2cm x 4cm), and what looks like just one mushroom sliced into 5 or 6 pieces!!!

Oh my goodness! Shouldn’t the cheese be grated?! Why was it one square of sliced cheese?!?!?! That really killed the mood.

And I ordered a boiled egg!!! How is a sunny side up a boiled egg?!?!?!?!

Oh gosh! Seeing my plate, it really looked as if God was indeed dead! So uninspiring to look, and very uninspiring to taste too.

And for that matter, my starving sized portion looked no different from the normal portion that The Fiancée ordered (she didn’t like her pasta either – it tasted just as bad).

Gosh… I gave them a name they’d regret, they gave me a dish I’d regret.

I’m not sure if they did this because I gave them such a name for my pasta. Either the staff can’t take a joke, or their service standards are horrible.