A Cat and a Dog in the Same Space

Here are some cute pictures of The Fiancée’s pet dog (Nicky) and my lovely adorable cat (Didi)!


It’s very rare to see pictures of a cat and dog together.

Even in real life, I often see cats run away from dogs.

Didi, my beloved cat, hates dogs too!

Nicky: Hi!
Didi: Go away!

Every time Nicky comes to visit, Didi will hide somewhere else and pretend that the dog isn’t around.

Didi enjoying peace and quiet away from Nicky.

But that doesn’t stop Nicky from trying to invade Didi’s space!

Didi: Go away!
Nicky: Who said that?
Didi: Oh no! What is that dog doing?

What Nicky did next would definitely annoy Didi…

Nicky decides to take a drink out of Didi’s water bowl!

Didi: Urgh! This dog has absolutely no respect for people’s personal things!

Didi definitely hates it. You can see the scorn in his eyes!

Didi looking scornfully at Nicky for drinking from its water bowl

But what could Didi do?

Nicky’s pretty oblivious to the world. He’s like that every day. A meteor could have landed next to him, and he wouldn’t even have noticed.

With that, Didi has no choice but to sigh with a look of resignation.

Didi: Siiiiiigh… Such is the life of a cat!