I tried to Google “Yang Zhu” (the Chinese Philosopher), and found this instead!

Tried to Google more information about Yang Zhu, a philosopher from the Classical Chinese period. This was what I found:

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.31.05 am (2)
See the picture of the pretty girl on the right? See how the picture is accompanied by the description of Yang Zhu the philosopher?

Wow… I didn’t know Yang Zhu was such a young and pretty Chinese lady!!! She looks way better than the other classical Chinese philosophers – less hairy, and a healthy radiant glow on the face!

Yang Zhu was famous for the philosophy of taking care of yourself – to the extreme of not helping others.

“What Yang Zhu was for was self. If by plucking one hair he might benefit the whole world, he would not do it.”

(Mencius 7A26)

Wow… Yang’s young and beautiful picture on Google’s search result is a testament of the effectivity of this philosophy!

Thanks Google! That was certainly very very interesting!

FYI: I’m being ironic. If you thought I was serious, please re-read the post above in a sarcastic manner – you’ll get the picture. Yang Zhu was actually a man. Probably with a beard just like every other Chinese philosopher in the classical period. I’m certain he definitely wasn’t as pretty as the lady that Google showed.