Look at that Big Ass Fan!

If you’ve ever walked around NUS or NTU, you would have probably seen enormous fans hanging down from the ceiling.

Well, have you ever looked closely at the fan?

If not, here’s a photo:

2014-04-04 16.10.51

There’s a donkey on the fan!

Well, it’s not just a donkey. It’s an ass – a BIG ASS!

Turns out, that’s the brand name of the fan! That’s right! It’s Big Ass Fan! I’m serious! It’s a real company and a real brand! You can check out their website! http://www.bigassfans.com/

So the next time you see such a big ass fan, tell your friends to look up, and say, “Look! It’s a Big Ass Fan!”

(In case you’re wondering, the ones in the MRT stations are not by the Big Ass company. Only the ones in NUS and NTU are.)