Building a Fort of Books

When I learnt just how many books research staff are entitled to borrow from the university’s library, I was thrilled!

My friends joked that I could build a fort of books with a borrowing privilege like that.

Well, I went one step further. I borrowed a friend’s library card to use another university’s library. I need those books for uh… research purposes!

Anyway, I decided to build the fort!

Here it is!

2014-05-12 18.16.27

There’s about 50 books on my table right now!

How do I manage reading so many books? Well, the secret is: you don’t have to read all of them from cover to cover. You just need the relevant chapters or passages.

I’m done going through about half of the books in this stack. Brought a few books back home today. Shall read them over the course of tomorrow’s public holiday.

And yes, if you’re wondering, the librarians have come to know me by name (and by face), as the crazy researcher who submitted 50 book orders in a week, and borrows a crazy number of books at a go!