Someone’s Milking Cows in Singapore and Selling Their Milk!!!

If you’ve been visiting supermarkets in Singapore lately (especially NTUC), you might have noticed a rather odd brand and packaging that doesn’t blend in at all with all the other milk brands.

What am I talking about?


2014-05-07 07.50.18
Holy cow! It’s Vishnu Fresh Milk!

It says on the bottle that it’s pure cow’s milk, fresh from Singapore’s own dairy farm.

Wow! We have cows in Singapore? That’s cool.

More cool is the fact that someone’s growing cows here and milking them for profit! (I know the right word is “rearing”)

I wonder… How many cows do we have here in Singapore? Well, apparently there’s enough to sell milk in our supermarkets!

Anyway, Vishnu Fresh Milk is a dollar cheaper than the other brands of milk. I got this for SGD$2.55!

Buying and drinking this has been quite an adventure for me and The Fiancée!

Firstly, the product packaging looks VERY VERY dodgy! Nobody sells milk like this in supermarkets! In fact, this looks like an oversized cough syrup bottle – you know, the kind you get from a GP – except that the bottle is made of really good plastic. And there’s nothing on the packaging that assures me that the milk is delicious and yummy! It’s quite intimidating, really! (If anyone from Vishnu Dairy Farm is reading this (or if anyone knows someone working there), PLEASE CONTACT ME! I’ll happily redesign your milk bottle into something less intimidating and do your marketing and publicity for a short while! The packaging is so bad I feel a strong need to do something about it!)

And secondly, almost nobody has ever heard of this. It just silently popped up on supermarket shelves, with no fanfare or publicity! The only context where I’ve heard of “Vishnu” is Hinduism. Milk? Nope, not at all! Who’s drinking this stuff?

So unfortunately, due to the lack of publicity and marketing, and REALLY bad product packaging, this milk comes across not only as dodgy, but SCARY too!

Yes, The Fiancée and I have been pretty scared to give this a try – before and even after buying it. Seriously, the packaging is quite a turn off!

Anyway, this morning, we plucked up our courage, opened the bottle, poured a small amount into our cups, and… we took a sip!

Our thoughts about Vishnu Milk?

It’s ok. It tastes a lot like Daisy Fresh Milk! That’s not too bad actually! So if you like drinking milk that’s like Daisy, you might want to consider switching over to Vishnu Milk, save a dollar, and support local business! If not, you can give it a try. It’s not too bad if you’re not too fussy about milk.

As for myself, I wouldn’t buy Vishnu Milk again, though. Personally, I’m in loooove with Meiji Milk (see Delicious Milk!). Vishnu Milk’s texture is a bit too light for my liking. I prefer milk that’s really creamy! It makes your coffee, tea, or milo especially delicious!

Well, that’s some adventure for the morning!

  • g savan

    I would like to make some comments on your article.
    >Firstly, the product packaging looks VERY VERY dodgy! Nobody sells milk like this in supermarkets!
    What a milk seller have to do with packing? He just need to ensure that pack keeps the quality of milk for X days. It absolutely doesnt matter how the bottle is? Whether all milk sellers need to follow some packing style, any way customer will through away it!
    The most thing milk seller need to bother is milk quality not about bottle.
    >It’s ok. It tastes a lot like Daisy Fresh Milk!
    Milk means milk. The definition of milk had changed by so many companies. Thatś the reason now you find several flavour of milks, low fat, chocolate flavour, so on.. All are fakes. These companies packs milk in such a way that customer feels that its fresh milk. Now, people forgot about actual milk taste & values and started praising fake milks.
    Your statement is example for this. Ás you are also considering it as OK/

    • autumnfloods


      You write as if you are taking my post very personally. Are you somehow involved with Vishnu Milk?

      Anyway, I have no disagreements with what you have said. Nonetheless, you show complete ignorance about marketing. Let me explain:

      Yes, it’s true that the quality of milk matters. But what you’ve said shows ignorance of marketing. If the product packaging is not appealing or attractive, people will not be enticed to purchased it. That’s why companies invest a lot in product packaging, design, and marketing. If you have a good product, but do absolutely nothing to appeal or entice the consumer, then in the minds of people unfamiliar with your product, it’s a failed/dodge/lousy product.

      And for that matter, there isn’t any advertising for Vishnu Milk. How would anyone know that the milk is quality milk? The way it’s packed makes it look cheap and dodgy – so bad that people (not just me) worry about the quality of the milk. Here’s something for you to think about.

      Also, I’m not talking about flavoured milk. I’m talking about the way the milk taste. True, perhaps I’ve been spoiled by milk enriched to taste good. Going back to the point about your ignorance in marketing: if you are trying to reach out to the masses, then perhaps you should try to do something about the milk to appeal to their tastebuds. If you insist on your puritanical ideas of what milk ought to taste, then maybe you should market your milk to milk connoisseurs (if such people do indeed exist).

  • Emmanuel

    LOL, bro the Vishnu dairy farm have been there for years, im 29 now, i went there with my school excursion when i was primary 2. Many many schools bring them there too. You are right abt the package tho. haha

  • Rekkha R

    Interesting article. I’m a singaporean living in London and whenever I visit Singapore, I always drink Vishnu dairy farm milk. Why? Milk is very cheap in the UK (50p/Ltr @Iceland) as it’s locally produced and nothing beats the unique taste of fresh cow’s milk. As a Singaporean who grew up drinking Marigold and other name brands, After moving to the UK, I was shocked to learn that fresh milk tasted nothing like the name brands we spend $4/$5 on here. But when I tried Vishnu, it tasted exactly like the milk in the UK and also the most affordable brand at supermarkets. Other than the packaging, which doesn’t bother me one bit as I’m not a spoilt brat, it’s a win win situation buying Vishnu as its fresh, affordable and local.

  • Jaclyn Chen

    There’s 2 more dairy farms. Dairy Folks and Viknesh Dairy. But they only sell via online or through SMS, respectively. I’ve started drinking raw milk and Viknesh Dairy sells it! Unpasteurised. Non-homogenised.