A Solution to the Logistical Hassle of Swimming

I’ve started this new exercise regime to keep fit! I figured it should boost my immune system so I won’t have to get hospitalised again this semester.

Part of the regime involves swimming early in the morning before going for classes (the other part involves going to the gym to lift weights).

I love swimming, but I’ve not been swimming very much because of the logistics hassle: you need to bring swimming trunks, goggles, a towel, etc. And if that’s not enough, how do you deal with all them after they’re all soaking wet? Sure, I could put it all in a plastic bag, but it’ll smell if I stay in school till late (because I swim early in the morning). But there’s still more problems – how do you deal with that big bag of soggy items? It’s quite a hassle!

So the other day, I asked a friend who swims almost daily for some practical advice.

He said: Use ziplock bags and a small microfibre towel!

I was mind-blown by the simplicity of the solution! Why didn’t I think of that? It’s a genius solution! So yesterday, I went out to get those two things.

A microfibre towel can absorb MORE water than an ordinary towel. So you don’t need to bring a big space-eating towel with you. I got a towel that’s about 50cm x 50cm. The best part is, microfibre towels are so thin you can fold it very compactly!

I love the ziplock bag solution. Everything you put in it stays “fresh”, so that means no matter how wet your towel or swimming trunks may be, it won’t stink up. And the best part is, because the ziplock bag seals everything inside, thus preventing water from spilling, you can slip your small microfibre towel and swimming trunks in it, and slip that little bag into your normal bag.

Look at this: my towel and my swimming trunks (dry) nicely packed. It measures about 20cm x 20cm.


How convenient! It’s hiding nicely away in my backpack as I’m writing this.

Anyway, I must say it’ll probably take some time to get used to drying yourself with a microfibre towel. When I dry myself with it, I feel like I’m washing a car (that’s what these towels are used for). It doesn’t feel the same as compared to drying yourself with an ordinary bulky towel. But hey, it works! It’s a space saver and I love it! =D