I’m on a Pizza Hut Commercial!

I’m famous! Well, not exactly.

To be precise, my back is famous! The Girlfriend’s ear is famous too! Look out for The Girlfriend’s ear (on the far left) and my back (in the brown shirt beside her ear) from 0:00 to 0:01. Here’s the commercial:

A few weeks back, The Girlfriend thought it’d be fun to sign up as extras for TV shows and commercials. She has a friend who’s involved in video production and he sounded out to her about the need for some extras. I decided to tag along as I thought it’d be an interesting experience.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle was the fact that we had to wake up at 6am in the morning to go down to one of the Pizza Hut eateries. The good thing was that the production company was nice to provide breakfast (and lunch) for us!

Here, we have the production crew setting up all the lighting equipment:

Camera 360Can you recognise the three lead actors in the commercial?

Camera 360

We had a chance to speak with the guy acting as the Pizza Hut waiter. He’s an actor who graduated from the La Salle College of the Arts. He’s been building a portfolio by starring in ads and other shows, as a stepping stone to a bigger career in film.

According to him, the other two have also been starring in other ads. Wow… I’ll be sure to keep a look out for their faces every time I watch TV.

Anyway, recording started at 9am and ended at 2pm. We’ve been told by one of the production guys that that’s quite good already. We were warned that the worse case scenario would be that we will have to stay till as late as 8pm!

It was pretty fun and interesting. As extras, we had to sit around and pretend to be consuming our food. Unfortunately, we weren’t given edible stuff to eat.

Here’s what’s in front of me:

Camera 360I had to pretend that I was drinking a cup of coffee. But inside, it’s nothing but tap water. The girl sitting opposite me was given pasta. It smelled really good, but it was largely inedible because it wasn’t properly cooked. They just cut up some garlic and vegetables, tossed it into a plate, and microwaved it.

Some of the extras were given salads. Unfortunately, the prawns in the salads were still frozen.

I was hoping that as extras, we could eat free pizza while filming.

Anyway, we were told to pretend to consume whatever’s in front of us. I just pretended to sip my “coffee.” The others were having a fun time tossing their food around, or moving bits and pieces of food around their plate.

It got boring after one or two hours later. Oh gosh… The actors only had three lines to say in total. But the creative director had quite high standards, so those three lines were repeated ad nauseam. After 20-30 takes, we got really bored hearing the three lines repeated over and over and over and over again.

Luckily, the production team wanted to take some close-up shots, so we, extras, weren’t needed for some time. We just congregated at a corner, but we weren’t allowed to talk as the microphones were extra sensitive. So we could only gesture to each other, or play with our handphones. There were gaps in between takes, where they weren’t filming. That was the only time we could chat. It was hilarious because it kept interrupting whatever conversations we were having.

Anyway, they finally brought out the new pizza on their menu – the Fully Loaded Crust pizza! Oh wow. It smelled sooooooooo good. I always wondered if the actors had to actually eat the pizza. Unfortunately, because they had to retake the shot over and over again, the actors only took a bite, but they didn’t eat it. The reason being that if they kept eating at each take, they’d be too full to take another bite for the subsequent takes. (They did get to eat the pizza after filming!)

One of the actors burnt his tongue while eating the piping hot, delicious pizza. Ouch!

I was lucky to get a bite of the thing after all the filming was over. My verdict? It’s actually very very good! In the words of the commercial, “Great choice!”

In all, the whole experience was quite fun. I would love to be an extra for another TV commercial again!

Anyway, I couldn’t post this earlier as there was an embargo of all fully-loaded pizza material until the official publicity was released. So, The Girlfriend and I had been waiting for days, monitoring all Pizza Hut publicity to see when the commercial would be released.

And since, the pizza tasted so good, the moment we got word that the ad was released, we went down to the nearest Pizza Hut to try the whole thing in its entirety (since I got one bite). Here’s how the awesome pizza looks:

Fully Loaded Pizza! MMMMmmm... Great choice!
Fully Loaded Pizza! MMMMmmm… Great choice!

Look at that! The crust is filled with delicious, juicy chicken and spinach. And the crust is so soft and fluffy, yet crispy on the surface. It’s actually so good, I could just eat the crust on its own! MMMmmmm…

If you have the chance, do give this pizza a try. I hope you’ll like it as much as I did!