A Delightful Brunch

Today, The Girlfriend and I decided to enjoy a slow and leisurely, yet very indulgent brunch (breakfast plus lunch). We decided that at least once a month, we should pamper ourselves and indulge a little in good quality breads, cheese, fresh produce, and anything else that would contribute to a hearty and delicious meal.

So, what’s on the menu? Well…

We got ourselves a loaf of ciabatta bread from Cedele.

Camera 360

Oh wow. This bread is amazing, especially after it’s been toasted. The crust is crispy, and yet the inside is so soft, fluffy and delicious!

And to bring out the flavours of this delicious bread, we have extra virgin olive oil to dip or to spread on our bread.

Camera 360That’s not all!

We also made some scrambled eggs (topped with some black pepper) with a side of black olives.

Unfortunately the plate is so dark that the olives are camouflaged in this picture.
Unfortunately the plate is so dark that the olives are camouflaged in this picture.

And last but not least, the stars of the show:

Camera 360The freshest tomatoes that we hand-picked yesterday from Cold Storage supermarket and, get this: imported French Brie (i.e. awesome cheese)! (We ate a bit of the brie yesterday, that’s why it’s a bit out of shape)

But the real magic happens when you put them all together into a bite-sized morsel, like this:


Oh wow… It’s mind-blowingly awesome!

Suddenly your tongue explodes in awesome wonder at the very lovely flavours of the brie, scrambled eggs, tomato, black olives, black pepper, and delicious ciabatta bread, fragranced with the subtle hint of extra virgin olive oil. It’s an amazing mix of sweet and sour, salty and spicy; as well as an exciting mix of melt-in-your-mouth softness of the bread, cheese and scrambled eggs, and the delightful crispiness (of the bread’s crust), and the tenderness of the tomato and olives.

Oh wow! Oh wow!

You seriously got to try this! Make a small morsel like that in the photo above, and put the entire thing in your mouth and experience all the flavours exploding in your mouth at one go. It’s the most heavenly experience you could ever ask for!

And the best part is that we were able to slowly enjoy this meal, enjoying our company, together with our favourite hot beverage – a home-made espresso for me, and a Milo (a malt-wheat chocolate drink) for The Girlfriend – while enjoying a slow quiet late Sunday morning, listening to lovely oldies music resounding from the radio.

This is how weekends ought to be spent!

Life is good!

[On a side note, after calculating the cost of all the ingredients used, this entire breakfast costs us about SGD$9 in total – just about SGD$4.50 per person! (The bulk of the cost going to the French brie) Of course, all the ingredients, as a whole would cost more than this, but you can portion out and use the other ingredients for other meals. But for what it’s worth, it’s good to know that it’s still possible to enjoy a really hearty breakfast, indulging in fine ingredients without having to spend so much (per meal, per person).]