Multi-Tool Card!

I recently took a walk in Vivocity the other day when I spotted a multi-tool card!

What’s that? It’s an 11-in-1 multi-tool card, i.e. a swiss army card! It’s stainless steel and comes with a lot of useful tools when the need arises. There’s a blade, a saw, a bottle opener, a can opener, tools for unscrewing nuts and bolts, a ruler, and a 360 degree protractor with markings for every 22.5 degrees.

I’m aware that there’s another similar product, but in the form of a key. It’s known as the UtiliKey (i.e.a a swiss army key!) and you can buy it from the bookshop in Tanglin Mall for SGD$19.90. I didn’t buy that because the placing of the blade is kinda strange. You have to put your fingers on the blade and grip it if you want to use the UtiliKey to unscrew things. It’s probably not a good idea.

This multi-tool card is better because I can slip it in my handphone casing (which I carry around more than my bunch of keys), and I have a better grip if I need to cut or screw things.

At the shop I saw, this multi-tool card was selling for SGD$9.90. Thank goodness I didn’t buy it on the spot. I went back home and searched for this online and was surprised to learn that I can buy it online for only SGD$1.62 from Qoo10!!!

How cool is that?

So anyway, the thing arrived in the mail a few days back. And boy was I excited!

Here’s how this baby looks:

Camera 360

Look at that, nice right?

It even comes with a nice PVC leather casing.

I’ve had this thing for less than a week, and already I’ve found it really handy to have these tools ready at hand. The other day I needed to unscrew a casing to dismantle some parts, but I was out and had no toolbox with me. But no worries, I simply took out my handphone, slipped out the multi-tool card from my handphone casing, and was able to get the job done!

Oh and the blade is very very sharp! Don’t let the looks fool you.


Anyway, if you’re a gadget geek like me, head down to Qoo10 and buy it for less than SGD$2!