Temple Street is a Cook’s Heaven

If you love cooking, you will love Temple Street! (It’s somewhere in Chinatown, about a 5-10 minute walk Chinatown MRT station.)

Camera 360It’s a cook’s heaven! I actually prefer to say, “Culinary Heaven,” but that implies an eating heaven more than a heaven for cooks.

Anyway, what makes this place a heaven for cooks is the fact that you can get all your kitchen supplies – cutlery, utensils, woks, pots and pans, and even chef’s clothing at really really low costs! There are several shops selling nothing but kitchen ware. These shops are located at the end of Temple Street where the temples (Hindu and Buddhist temples) are located.

In fact, if you visit these shops frequently enough, you’ll soon realise that a lot of cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, and yes, even hotel restaurants get their stuff from Temple Street!

So why bother paying ridiculous prices for kitchen supplies at Orchard Road when you can head down to Temple Street and get restaurant quality stuff?

I’ll just showcase the three shops at Temple Street that I love the most!

Ready? Let’s begin!

If you start at the end of Temple Street where all the temples are, you’ll see this:

Camera 360That’s our first shop for the day.

The shop is called: Sia Huat.

Camera 360Sia Huat is, to my knowledge, the biggest supplier of kitchen ware in Singapore. So big, that they have two floors worth of stuff. What’s really cool is that they sell EVERYTHING you need to furnish the most epic kitchen in your home or cafe/restaurant!

Camera 360Look at that! They’ve got hot water dispensers, ovens, toasters, blenders, mixers… of consumer and commercial sizes! In the foreground, you’ll notice that they have Japanese stone and metal bowls. They even have bento boxes as well as hot plates.

They’ve even got interesting looking plates like the one below:

Camera 360But what I really love about this place is just how cheap cutlery can be!

Take a look at this porcelain chopstick holder!

Camera 360It’s only 37 cents!!!

And this is the same chopstick holder that many restaurants and small eateries use. You don’t have to spend SGD$10 at a departmental store just to get a chopstick holder. You can get it here at 37 cents!

These plastic and ceramic bowls don’t cost much either!

Camera 360If you want something a little more classy, you can head up to the second floor for these classy-looking porcelain wares. They don’t cost too much either.

Camera 360They even have colourful ones too!

Camera 360

And small cute ones!

Camera 360 This little dish (above) costs about SGD$3 (if I remember correctly).

Other than cutlery, you can also get knives!

Camera 360And a wide array of peelers and scoopers:

Camera 360Or even dim sum steamer baskets of different sizes!

Camera 360And woks of different sizes and materials:

Camera 360While you’re at it, you might as well get a commercial-type candy floss machine!

Camera 360Or how about industrial type mixers?

Camera 360There’s even hand-held blenders of different humongous sizes too!

Camera 360And waffle machines!

Camera 360Oooo! Here’s something I’d love to get for myself one day:

Camera 360

With this, I can easily make pancakes, ramly burgers, dosai, pratas, and all kinds of awesome foods! Doesn’t this machine look familiar? You’ve probably seen this at food courts or hawker stalls, or even at bazaars with makeshift food stalls. Yup… I’m pretty sure they got this from Sia Huat.

But wait! There’s more!

You can even get yourself a pair of kitchen shoes!

Camera 360I love the name of this brand. It’s called: “Shoes for Crews”!!! They have them for both men and women! So there’s something for everybody!

It’s oil- and water-slip resistant! Pretty useful!

And of course, no cook is ever complete without a chef’s top! So why not get one from here?

Camera 360If you noticed, there are all kinds of plastic trays in the background. You should take the time to look at the trays and remember how they look. You’ll discover these same trays in hawker centres, food courts, cafes, etc…

Pretty cool yeah?

Let’s move on to the next shop!

Our next shop is called: Lau Choy Seng.

Camera 360

You can find this a few metres away from Sia Huat, on the same side of the road. Just keep walking down Temple Street.

Personally, I find that Lau Choy Seng has a better selection of knives and plastic condiment containers/dispensers.

Look at all those knives!

Camera 360I’ve been buying knives and cleavers from Lau Choy Seng because there’s just so many different kinds for you to choose from! It’s fun to go there and test the grip and weight of every blade present. Be careful not to cut anybody.

Check out all the condiment containers and dispensers. How many of these have you seen at eateries?

Camera 360If you love black pepper, you should come here and buy a black pepper grinder. You can get a decent one for less than SGD$10. Before I knew of Temple Street, I made the mistake of buying a black pepper grinder at Tangs. The cheapest one I found there was about SGD$16!!!

Camera 360

What I love about this place is how they have lined up all the various forks, spoons, knives, and ice-cream scoopers for ease of reference:


There are spoons, forks, and knives for all occasions!
There are spoons, forks, and knives for all occasions!


Camera 360

I don’t know why anybody will need ice-cream scoopers of different sizes. But hey! If you’ve been looking for the right scoop, this is possibly the right place! But I have to warn you – the ice cream scoopers here aren’t cheap. They cost SGD$42!!!

Anyway, Lau Choy Seng sells a lot of stuff similar to that at Sia Huat like waffle makers, pots, and pans. So, to get the best deals, you should do a price comparison between shops!

Let’s move on to our third shop!

The third shop is called 5M (SG) Pte Ltd.

Camera 360

What I love about this place the most is the quality of their porcelain ware! The plates, bowls, saucers, cups and chopsticks (YES! Chopsticks too!) look exactly like the kinds of expensive-looking porcelain wares that you find at hotel ballroom dinners and those expensive Chinese restaurants.

Camera 360

Here’s a close up:

Did you see the price tag at the bottom right hand corner? Each classy-looking bowl costs only SGD$2!!!!!!!!
Did you see the price tag at the bottom right hand corner? Each classy-looking bowl costs only SGD$2!!!!!!!!
The plates on the left costs only SGD$1!!!!! While the plates on the right (slightly bigger) costs only SGD$2.50!!!!!!
The plates on the left costs only SGD$1!!!!! While the plates on the right (slightly bigger) costs only SGD$2.50!!!!!!

How’s that for furnishing your home? You can get high class hotel quality plates and bowls for about a dollar or two each! When I have my own house, I’ll definitely be buying all my plates from this shop!

Oh yes, if you like metal plates like the stuff you see at Indian eateries, this is the place to go!

This shop also specialises in plastic containers – air tight and non-air tight containers of different sizes and colour. It’s pretty amazing!

So this ends my short tour of the cook’s heaven at Temple Street. You really should go down there and check out these three shops and be wow-ed by all the stuff they have on sale.

Have fun! =D