Home-Made Digital Clock

Here’s what I’ve been busy with today:

It’s a home-made digital clock using an Arduino micro-controller and a 16×2 LCD display!

For now, it’s just merely a clock with a simple user interface where you can easily adjust the time by pressing the buttons below the screen. I’m actually in the midst of programming an alarm. I’ve added speakers (the wires sticking out at the top). So I could code my own melody for the alarm. Any suggestions on what tune I should use?

This is part of a larger project. The Girlfriend and I bought the Arduino together because we’ve been wanting to build an automatic dog-feeder. We bought it last year but somehow life just got the better of us, so we kinda forgot about this. Today, I saw a YouTube video about servos and I’m all inspired and excited about building the automatic-feeder once again!

We’ll probably start assembling the thing in a few days time (and of course, I’ll post pictures and maybe even videos of the completed project).

For now, I’ll just let the Arduino continue running as a digital clock. It’s useful to have a clock lying around anyway!