Research Mania!

Today I visited the Central Library to do some research! It’s been quite a while since I last sat down with a huge pile of books flipping through pages looking for relevant information. I’m pretty excited about the idea of writing a paper for an academic journal. Oh wow! I miss doing this. Reading pages and pages and getting all excited about the stuff I’m reading. It’s lovely!

Here’s what I borrowed:


Can you see how long the library receipt is?! OH MY GOODNESS!!!

That’s a total of EIGHTEEN (18) books! You can’t see one of them because it’s very thin (like a magazine). (And yes, students can borrow a maximum of TWENTY (20) books – I had to borrow someone else’s library card as I had already graduated).

In my Honours Thesis, I wrote a little bit about harmony in Chinese cooking. What I plan to do for this upcoming journal publication is to further explore the notion of harmony in Chinese cooking, by looking at the aspects of ritual, sacrifice, and medicine which I was unable to explore in my thesis (due to the lack of time). It’s pretty amazing just how different the ancient Chinese viewed cooking. We rarely conceive of cooking as such an elaborate process. But that was pretty much how the Chinese of that time had experienced it.

Anyway, I browsed through those books before deciding to borrow them. They seem to be pretty exciting reads. If you saw me in the library today, you would have noticed a huge pile of books. I had about 40 books, but later narrowed it down to 18. Wow! It was a really lovely experience. I had a nice cozy corner to snuggle in while I did my reading/browsing. In fact, I did quite a lot of exercise today carrying books up and down the library. It felt like a really good workout!

I actually didn’t expect intend to borrow so many books. I initially wanted to borrow just just ONE book. Haha… I guess I forgot to put in another digit after the “one.” Anyway, I didn’t bring a big bag, so I had to trouble The Girlfriend to come down to school to bring a big travel suitcase. In the mean time, I was faced with a small problem: the library was closing early and I had forgotten about that, and The Girlfriend could only come much later.

Luckily, I bumped into three friends! Phew! They were so nice and helpful! In fact, they helped me carry the books, first to the canteen for a bite, and then to the Philosophy Department, where we hung out for a bit. I’m really grateful to them! I really didn’t know how to carry 18 books out of the library. From experience, I am only able to walk around carrying a stack of about 10 books. Any more and it’d be far too heavy for me to carry.

Anyway, here’s the suitcase which I used to put all my books in:

Camera 360This is something like an Achievement Unlocked!

In my four years as an undergraduate, I’ve seen professors pulling these huge bags out of the library. Inside these bag would be nothing else but tons and tons of books! (Did you know academics can borrow about a hundred books?)

I have, in the past maxed out my borrowing limit, but I have never borrowed 18 books at once. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

And yes, I’ll be reading all 18 books. Philosophy has trained me to read books at super fast speeds. I can finish 200+ pages in a day and still remember the important points. With coffee, I could probably go even faster. MMMmmm… COFFEE!

You probably can guess what I’ll be busy with over the next few days. Haha! I’m gonna have lots of fun reading!