Two Tips on Buying Air Tickets Online

I’ve not blogged much the past few weeks because I’ve been travelling quite a bit around Malaysia and Thailand.

Well, here’s some tips I’ve learnt so far when it comes to buying air tickets online!

Tip 1: Buy your air tickets online between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Most people tend to buy air tickets around the weekends (and/or the weekdays before or after the weekends). So airlines tend to jack up the prices because of the high purchasing volume on those days. People don’t really buy tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (they’re busy with work, I guess), so the prices are generally lower.

Tip 2: Use a different computer to purchase the tickets!

Most of us tend to check out the same flight over and over again while deliberating whether or not to buy the air ticket. Sometimes we do it hoping to catch the best price. Over the next few days, we’d usually notice the prices going up gradually, and we usually don’t think too much about it as we assume that the reason for the increase is due to the decrease in available seats.

But here’s something The Girlfriend and I discovered by accident!

It turns out that when you use another computer to check the exact same flight (provided that computer has never visited the airline’s website before), you’ll get a lower price!

It turns out that there’s some tracking code in the airline ticketing website, where it tracks the number of times you check flights, and gradually increases the price with each passing day. (Personally, I think this is just unethical! How can they do this?) I don’t think you can simply use another browser or use private browsing to bypass the problem. I notice Google and other web services are still capable of tracking everything pretty well if you’re in private browsing mode or even if you used a different browser on the same computer.

I don’t know what’s the algorithm used to determine when and how much to increase the prices of tickets, but if you’ve been checking the same flight for something like 20 times over the past two weeks, you might want to just use another computer to see if you can get a lower price.

We noticed this happening with a few airline ticketing websites. It’s not just limited to one. So I think it’s probably best to assume that most airlines use this trick to rake in greater profits.

So just to be safe (and to get a low price), use a different computer to buy the air ticket!

Well, that’s all that I’m aware of, but I do hope that you found it useful! Do contribute more tips below if you’re aware of any! =D