Brunetti at Tanglin Mall

I don’t always visit Tanglin Mall, but the few times that I’ve been there, I’ve always been very fascinated by a particular cafe there. It’s called “Brunetti.”

Camera 360

What fascinates me the most is the amazingly wide variety of gelato flavours! Look at this:

Camera 360
Looks so good right?

If you go into the cafe, you’ll find more sumptuous goodies!


Camera 360

More pastries:Camera 360

And yet more pastries: Camera 360Wow!

Anyway… Things there are a little pricey. So The Girlfriend and I only shared a small cup of gelato. The good thing is that they’re VERY VERY generous. A small cup of gelato costs $5.50. But the “small” cup they use is anything but small. It’s like the size of the medium or large cup at other ice cream places. And the best part is, they’re very very generous! We got something like 2-3 enormous scoops of gelato!

Wow! Wow!

How’s the gelato?

Well, we got the dark chocolate gelato and it was amazing! I finally understood why ice cream is called ice cream just from eating this gelato. It’s really REALLY creamy! That’s why it’s called ice cream! I really never had such amazingly creamy ice cream in my life. And the chocolate! Wow! So rich! It’s almost as if I was eating molten dark chocolate that was cold and creamy. MMMMMMMMMMmmmmm…..

Oh… And the ambience is great too! Since it’s not a mall that’s as crowded as other malls in the Orchard area, it makes for a really nice place to chill out and relax. Probably a great way to spend a slow and lazy afternoon during the weekends.

I’m definitely going to try their pastries the next time I visit the mall. I cannot forget how delicious the macaroons look! MMMmmm…