Colonel Sander’s Colonial Mansion

I just got back from Penang!

While I was there, I spotted this amazing sight while travelling around Penang Island:

Camera 360

Did you see that?

I had to check out the building.

Here’s a closer look!

Camera 360

Oh my goodness! I was euphoric! It’s a KFC eatery housed in a colonial mansion!

It’s Colonel Sander’s colonial mansion!!! AHHHH!!!!

I had to go in. After all, I have a huge love for fried chicken, and more specifically, for Malaysian KFC (because it tastes so much better in Malaysia than in Singapore!) (See Crossing the Causeway for a Pilgrimage)

Beside the mansion is the Colonel’s playground:

Camera 360

What amazed me is how well preserved the interior is!

I initially expected a very modern interior of the eatery, but when I entered, I saw this instead:

Camera 360


They actually preserved the original Neo-classical flourishings within the building! So nice! They even preserved the lighting from that period.

Camera 360
It’s such a rare sight!

And of course, what is KFC without Colonel Sanders standing majestically by the window?

Camera 360

This is sooooo cool! I wish Singapore had something like this too!