Quiet Start to the Day

Lately, one of the things I’ve been doing almost every morning is to go to the food court in school for a delicious dim sum breakfast. The university just opened a new food court which is quite affordable. And they sell delicious dim sum!

Now, my morning ritual consists of chee cheong fan (steamed rice rolls) with either siew mai (pork dumpling) or har gow (prawn dumpling). And to top it all off, a delicious cup of tea!

Camera 360

What I love about having this morning ritual is the fact that I get to enjoy my breakfast while enjoying the view of lush greenary outside in air conditioned comfort (if you’ve never been to Singapore, you have absolutely no idea how hot and humid this place is!)… AND most importantly, silence!

It’s one of the few things I do to keep myself sane.

Ah… It’s such a nice way to start the day. MMMmmm….