Message from the Heart

Today, I walked into a shop that happens to sell programmable NFC tags!

Here’s how one of these things look:

Camera 360

It’s about the size of a 20-cent coin! That’s how small it is!

You can use a NFC-capable phone to store stuff in it. It can be text, or instructions to open a website, or even commands to change your handphone settings. It’s pretty cool! Once you’ve programmed the tag, you just have to tap your phone on the tag the next time, and your phone will either display stuff or execute a list of instructions.

At the moment, I don’t know what I want to do with it. But that’s ok. I’ll have all the time in the world once I’m done with school to figure out what to do with this.

Nonetheless, I had some inspiration to do something sweet for The Girlfriend.

I figured out how to program the tag to open one of the photos of us at one of our first dates. Next, I added an extra command to automatically send a love letter via SMS to The Girlfriend’s phone.

All she has to do is to scan the tag to activate the surprise!

I decided the best way to hide the tag would be to stick it where my heart is.

I didn’t have any tape with me, so I had to resort to using the sticky regions of two post-it memos to “tape” the NFC tag on my body.


And voila, I had the NFC tag hidden nicely underneath my clothes.

I met The Girlfriend just now. The conversation went like this:

The Girlfriend: Why are you grinning so creepily?

Me: What? Creepy! No lah! I got a surprise for you! I’m gonna send you a message from my heart! Take this handphone and scan it over my heart!

The Girlfriend: Errr…. What?! What are you up to? *puts my handphone on my chest* Nothing’s happening.

Me: Why you put so low? Put higher a bit can?

The Girlfriend: Why your heart so high?

Me: Shouldn’t my heart be there?

The Girlfriend: No lah! Your heart should be lower!

What have I learnt? I learnt that I didn’t know where my heart should be in my body. Oops!

Yeah… It should be located a few centimetres below where I thought my heart would be.

Anyway, she finally got the phone to scan the tag and the sweet surprise was launched! She saw the photo and her she got the love SMS on her phone!

(Well, there was a little bit of a technical hiccup. Turns out lengthy SMS-es can’t get through when automated. So I had to manually send it to her. But that’s ok.)

I know someone who will have a huge smile on her face that will last throughout the entire night.

Heeheee… Talk about geeky romance!