National Breakfast Day! Free Burgers!!!

Today is National Breakfast Day courtesy of McDonalds!

They were giving out free Egg McMuffins to the first 1000 customers at almost every single branch in Singapore! How cool is that?

My friend and I woke up early this morning to catch this irresistible deal! We figured it was probably better to go to the one at West Coast Park since it’s inaccessible to most people, and will have shorter queues. We were right! There was a queue, but it wasn’t a crazy one. I’ve read online of other branches where the queue was insane!!!

Anyway, I like how they’re very well prepared for this big nation-wide event! They had a special queue for people who wanted the free burgers, and there was a queue controller who would control the flow of customers to each counter, making sure there wouldn’t be any chaos.

As we were queueing, we were handed this:


That’s the free burger coupon! Without it, you can’t get your free burger. They even had the option for you to pay $2 to make it into a meal, complete with hash brown and a cup of coffee. MMMmmm…

The queue control was very good.

In fact, in less than 5 minutes, we got our free burgers!


The early bird catches the free Egg McMuffin! Yum! That’s something worth waking up to!