My Dream Sewing Machine

It’s amazing just how much technology has developed!

Even the humble sewing machine has evolved into something really awesome!

Let me show you my dream sewing machine:


Oh wow… I can’t wait for the day I get this! It’s on my wish list. Unfortunately, I’m not able to afford it because these super high-tech sewing machines cost more than SGD$1000! Some go as high as SGD$3000!

Yes, I can sew! And no, sewing it is not a girly thing. The best tailors are men! Of course, I don’t know how to tailor clothes for others (I’d love to learn the skill, that way, I don’t have to waste my time shopping for clothes). But I can make stuff, like clothes for teddy bears!

Anyway, it’s a very handy skill! I was THE master tailor during my Pulau Tekong days at the beginning of my National Service! People’s bags would break from wear and tear: either the bag strap would come out or there’d be a tear somewhere. And armed with a needle and thread, I’ll stitch their bags until they’re as good as new! I was the only guy in the entire platoon who knew how to sew, and yes, I even helped others to re-attach buttons back onto uniforms! You have no idea how many lives I saved! (Ok… Haha… End of bragging session)


You must be wondering… What’s so awesome about this sewing machine? Well, it has a mini computer built into it with a slot for your SD card and a USB port for your USB thumb drive!


And you can just load an image onto this sewing machine, and it can “print” it out for you on cloth!!! By print, what I mean is, this epic sewing machine can do embroidery for you on the cloth itself AUTOMATICALLY!!! You don’t even have to move the cloth around. The machine will move it for you!

Look at how high resolution the embroidered prints are (the width of each row is about 1.5cm, except for the last one, which is about 2-3cm):



Cool, right?

It can even “print” up to two colours! I’ve seen sewing machines like this that can “print” up to 6 coloured threads! Some even have a coloured LCD screen at the side of the machine for you to view images and make additional changes to the image if you so wish.

Wow… Just wow… Imagine all the nonsense I can make using this awesome machine! I could even set up my own shop with a machine like this to embroider anything under the sun!

Of course, I think this will be a fun thing to teach my future kids. I shall teach them to play with Photoshop and let them have fun designing and making their own t-shirts, caps, or whatever it is that you could possibly embroider with this machine. MMMmmm… I like this idea!