Panda Puffs Again!

Some time ago, I wrote about an interesting box of cereal called Panda Puffs (See Panda Puffs (Does Not Contain Pandas!)Do check it out!)

Well, today I returned to the same supermarket (the Cold Storage at West Coast Plaza) and discovered that they have redesigned the packaging!




It’s panda puffs because this panda is eating them! I’m still not sure if pandas can eat peanut butter. But who cares? It’s so cute!

I’m going to buy it tonight (or tomorrow) just to give it a try!

Anyway, the makers of Panda Puffs have other cute animal snacks!


Yes, little endangered kitty, I’ll buy and eat your “Berry Blast” snack bar!

And this:


The koala looks like he really wants to eat this more than its eucalyptus leaves. (For the fun of it, you should also see Koala Tea and Exploding Koalas)

And lastly, you have this:

2013-03-04-10-53-11The panda looks very hungry!

I hope they come up with more cute animal mascots to represent other flavours. I can’t wait to try those Panda Puffs!