Crossing the Causeway for a Pilgrimage

Today, my friend and I crossed the Causeway for a little pilgrimage to a very special place in our hearts – both figuratively and literally (more about that later! Haha!)

As it turns out, the Causeway today was extremely busy because of the annual Chingay procession, which is an extremely large-scale Chinese religious procession.

No, we weren’t there for the religious procession.

Rather, we were there for a little pilgrimage to visit our dearly beloved Colonel Sanders at KFC! YEAH!!!

Anyway, if you’re wondering why I’m using religious language to talk about KFC, here’s the reason: The Girlfriend was feeling a little cranky earlier this morning because of her toothache. So I decided to humour her by religion-ising my love and devotion to fried chicken. I chanted a stupid Hymn to Colonel Sanders, which went:

Made in the image and likeness of God,
Colonel Sanders was born and destined to fry chicken as God himself would have fried chicken!
The Colonel’s fried chicken is juicy and succulent and divine according to the will of The Divine Creator!
O hail! Hail the fryer of friend chicken!
Hail his divinely inspired Original and Crispy recipes!
Pay homage to him, pay homage to him!
For it is right and just to partake of this divine feast which God had intended!
Great is the Colonel!
Pay homage to KFC!

Someone should declare Fried Chicken a religion. I’d be the first person to sign up! (Yes, pour that mash potato gravy over my head as initiation! MMMmmm…..)

Anyway, all that aside, you have absolutely no idea how awesome Malaysia’s KFC is compared to Singapore’s KFC. (I once wrote about it, you can read it here: Malaysia KFC)

What’s so great about Malaysia’s KFC? Well, for starters, their crispy version is known as “Hot and Spicy,” and it is far more spicy, far more crispy yet far more juicy than the ones in Singapore!

Look at that!


That’s what I call epic fried chicken!

And if that’s not all, what makes Malaysia’s KFC more epic than Singapore’s one? It’s this – CHEESE WEDGES!!!


Holy sliced potatoes!!!

Singapore has cheesy fries which is pretty nice. But this beats cheese fries anytime! The cheese sauce is also better than the Singapore one. It’s less salty, a little sweet, and it seems to contain spices and herbs in the mix. It’s full of flavour. I love it!

So wonderful!

Anyway, Malaysia’s KFC currently serves this thing known as the Golden Wrap Chicken.


It’s basically a drumstick and wing portion, seasoned with herbs and epic spices, together with corn and mushrooms, wrapped in a paper packaged and roasted!

Here’s how it looks like when opened:


Oh wow… You have absolutely no idea how awesome these were.

Haha… Guess what? All those food in the photos you saw above? I ATE THEM ALL!!! WAH HAHAHAHAHA!!! (Yes, I know, I’m a pig!)

And it was sooooooo goooooood!!!

It’s worth crossing the Causeway any time to visit the Colonel. The satisfaction I get whenever I eat fried chicken is greater than the satisfaction from any other earthly thing. MMMmmmm…