Bought a year’s supply of toiletries from JB!

One thing I love about going to Johor Bahru is the fact that things there are so much cheaper than the things here in Singapore.

So yesterday, apart from my fried chicken frenzy (See Crossing the Causeway for a Pilgrimage), I brought a huge empty bag pack with me and bought a year’s supply of toiletries!!!

I bought soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, dish washing liquid, and clothes detergent. I didn’t buy shampoo because they didn’t have the shampoo I want. And no, I will not buy toilet paper across the Causeway!!! It’ll be too embarrassing going through customs carrying a year’s supply of toilet paper (I might consider doing that only if I was travelling by car).

After currency conversion, it all amounts to SGD$28!!! (That’s about SGD$2.33 per month!)

How awesome is that?

Generally, these things cost about SGD$1 cheaper per item as compared to buying them in Singapore. Buy a year’s supply and you save several dollars!

Speaking of a dollar, it’s even cheaper if you consider buying a year’s supply of toiletries when in Indonesia. I visited Batam some time back and was surprised that almost everything cost about SGD$1!!! I’ll probably bring a huge empty bag the next time I visit Batam and clear the supermarket shelves! Heehee…

Not bad an idea for saving money, yeah?