Mamee Monster Noodles!

This snack brings back a lot of childhood memories!


The best part is, I’m soooo glad the snack vending machine in the library is selling them! YAY! I actually thought this snack, among other childhood favourites, had died out.

Oh wow! Oh wow!

Did I say that it only costs 40 cents? =D

For those unfamiliar with this wonderful treat, it’s a packet of noodles – ULTRA CRUNCHY NOODLES flavoured with hair-dropping-thirst-inducing-yet-oh-so-delicious-monosodium-glutamate!!! MMMMmmm… It’s unhealthy, I know. But that doesn’t stop the fact that it’s awesome!

How does it work? First, you open the packet.


Then you pour in the seasoning (MSG, salt and other tasty goodies! Woo!).


Then you close the top of the packet, crush it, and shake to flavour!

And voila! Tasty and ultra crunchy noodles! YUM!


It’s probably a bad idea to eat this in the library. Gosh… The sound of munching this was soooo loud. In fact, it was sooo loud that we accidentally induced someone sitting behind us to snack on her own chips. Haha… Let the snack fest begin!



I recommend eating it like this! One mouthful of awesome crunchy goodness! And for some, it’s a trip back memory lane!