Board Games Aren’t Boring, They’re Fun!

It’s amazing how much board games have developed over the years!

Typically, when you say “board games,” the classics like Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, or even Risk comes to mind.

But it’s amazing how complex and sophisticated board games have developed since those days of my childhood.

Yesterday, I joined my friend and a few of their friends for a day full of board games!

One game in particular amused me a lot! It’s this game:


It’s called, “A La Carte.”

What’s so cool about it is the fact that you have a REAL made-of-actual-metal frying pan that’s about the size of a hand, and it even has an accompanying cardboard stove for cooking, and a cardboard spatula!


So cool!

Anyway, the objective of the game is to become a 3-star Michelin chef by preparing 3 perfect dishes (or by winning the most points by cooking as many dishes as possible). Those square tiles (in the photo below) are the dishes stating the ingredient requirements.


You’re supposed to take one recipe and put it in your little frying pan. And when it’s your turn, you have to do 3 actions, where you can decide to either roll a dice (to adjust the stove), or attempt to add some of the ingredients to your stove.

Here are some of the ingredients:


Here’s where it gets challenging. You can only shake the ingredient shakers only once. Sometimes nothing will come out, or sometimes too many of the same ingredient comes out (which can spoil your dish), or a “salt” crystal will come out  (thus ruining your chance at getting the perfect dish and that Michelin star).

Once you’re done with the dish (i.e. you’ve got the right amount of ingredients, and the stove is at the right number), you can take it out and flip the recipe over to reveal the dish!

This is Drunken Chicken!


This is a smoking hot hamburger!


It’s pretty fun!

Another game that’s quite fun was some space game. I forgot the name. But at the start of each round, you have to quickly build your own spaceship.


What I love about this game is the astronaut characters!

Look at that!


So cute right?

For the fun of it, I decided to make my own astronaut platoon.

“FALL IN!!!!!”


Anyway, I got too amused by the astronauts that I forgot to take photos of the rest of the game. Haha!

Basically, at every round, there will be a scenario card where you can either get money, or experience damage to your ship. Especially if your spaceship wasn’t well-built, it’ll be more susceptible to damage, thus losing your cute little astronauts or precious cargo.

It’s really amazing how much board games have evolved since my childhood. They’re more complex, and definitely a whole lot of fun! I look forward to the next one! I’m just crossing my fingers hoping that the next one doesn’t clash with my work schedule.