Cactus with LEAVES!

Oh wow… Have you ever seen a cactus with leaves?

I don’t know about you, but I was pretty mind-blown when I saw it. I was like… WOAH! LEAVES!!!!!

So… Here’s one:


This cactus belongs to my friend. His mother is the one who looks after it. That’s why my friend has absolutely no idea how it has come to grow leaves. I wonder what his mother did to this cactus. Amazing…

I wonder… Did it grow leaves because of our ultra humid climate? Or is this some odd species with leaves? I don’t know!

Whatever it is, it has destroyed whatever pre-conceived ideas I have of what a cactus is like. (I got the same feeling too when I saw a 6-sided dice that’s in the shape of a ball and not a cube – that’s equally mind-blowing stuff)

UPDATE: A reader commented that it’s not a cactus, but an “Euphorbia” – like a cactus in every way, but not a cactus. And… The saps are poisonous!