Organise Your Thoughts and Projects with Workflowy!

This is pretty cool! I just discovered this web application called Workflowy! (I recommend going to to sign up – this will give both you and I FREE storage space!)

It’s basically a single document where you can list all your projects and ideas in bullet point form.

What’s so special about it? Why not just use Microsoft Word?

Let me demonstrate – it’s a better way to show you just how awesome it is. As you can see, there’s only one document. You can list a few big projects or ideas that you’re working on:


I’m currently working on my Honours thesis. The great thing about this is that you can expand or contract certain groups of points. Here’s an expanded version of the “Thesis” point, revealing all the sub-points and sub-sub-points:


I find this expanding/contracting of points very useful. I can contract all my sub-points, so as to see only the main points. This allows me to focus on the big picture of things. And if I need to re-arrange the order of my points, I can move them easily by clicking and dragging a point (it’ll move the entire set).

The best part about this is that I can zoom in on specific areas so that I can focus on the finer details later:


And I can also zoom out and zoom in to another chapter:

So even though I’m just working on a single document, I’m actually able to zoom in and out of the same document into certain sets of points as if I were working on different documents. This is very useful in helping me keep my thoughts clear and organised. It’s easy to get lost and confused in a sea of words flooding across the screen.

The fact that I can hide certain things away does make it very very easy to focus on things. I love it!

Oh… And you can also export your work either as formatted text (in bullet points) or in plain text (I intend to export my thesis in plain text and add in all the necessary formatting and footnotes later).

There’s even an iOS app for this. So you can add points or sub-points (or sub-sub-points) on your iPhone or iPad while you’re on the go. They currently do not have an Android version. But you can use your web browser on your Android device to use it.

I’ve been playing with this since morning and I think, I’ve been more productive than ever before! This is great!

If you want to sign up, I recommend clicking on this link:

This will give both you and I FREE extra storage space! (Haha… I’ll be honest and admit that I find this Workflowy thing so useful that I do want the extra storage space to do more work on it. So… Go on! Sign up!) =D